Weak Machine

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Again, another track that dates back many years; the guitars on this track were recorded inside clothing cupboard in a basement flat in Lambeth. I passed this track to by brother Jem who stuck in some frenzied mellotron and organ sounds and by doing so, this track becomes one of the few songs over the last decade to feature both Godfrey’s playing at the same time.

I quite like the fact that the vocal performance during the middle eight reminds me very much of Neal Morse around the time of the Spock’s Beard Album ‘V’. I wish I could say that was intended from the start but it was just a happy accident.


Simon used to do this one on his own in cafes, and people used to move away from him. If some serial killer turns up with this playing on his headphones, don’t blame us.


I’m a weak machine
I’m the flavour you can’t forget
I’m a weak machine
I’m the interest upon your debt
I’m a weak machine
I’m the immigrant in your town
I’m a weak machine
I am driving your value down

I’m a weak machine
I’m the perfectly broken bone
I’m a weak machine
I’m the saviour that stays at home
I’m a weak machine
I’m the corner that couldn’t care
I’m a weak machine
I’m the friendship that isn’t there

But for the grace of God goes you
I’m the face you thought you knew
Time heals everything except for me
Joking aside, it’s time to test
Your beauty and your ugliness
Cry yourself to sleep but watch for me

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