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Easily Jim’s finest moment on the album in my opinion; I think that everything he plays during this song is just inspired and it was very obvious as he was recording his parts that he was right ‘in the zone’ during his time in the studio. I also remember spending a very cold couple of days at John Mitchell’s studio in Reading recording the drums but not caring a jot about the temperature simply because I was having a ball behind the kit. Little did I know at that time that it would take another two years to complete the fekkin’ album but hey, that’s another story altogether. I suppose the upside of the amount of time it took was the songs evolved into something really special so maybe I shouldn’t complain.


I had about four or five goes at the chorus for this one before coming up with a decent one. Plus the fact that the meaning of the song changed under my feet at least twice. Moan moan grumble grumble. I'm used to dashing off the almost final version first time, but I guess it can't be like that every time.


The world is made of many pages
And every page contains a world
We flicker through them in the daytime
But in the night become unfurled

Hey – the past is gone
And only rain
Will linger on

A mirror bright
In a dream
Shining red
A land of rain
Shaping me —
A sheet of light
In a stream
In my head
A land of rain
Taking me —

I am the maker of my promise
I am the dreamer of my day
This unmade thing that overtakes me
Has multiplied and got away

It was the power of creation. That’s what I was searching for.

The answer was as simple as sleeping between two mirrors; dreams reflected back and forth between a million worlds, refined and concentrated into ideas – as much of creation as can be contained inside a human skull.

At first, the dream made no sense to me. Red like a fire engine, covered in ugly bolts – then the subtlety of the design came through; the way it mirrored my thoughts, my mind, the process that created it – I was mesmerised by the flow and the intricacy until it filled my whole understanding.

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