A Million Differences

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A post creation moment as the Professor tries to relax after drawing up the initial plans of his great invention.

This music for this song started out life as a tune which was submitted for the first Tinyfish album but didn’t make the cut. When the concept behind the Big Red Spark was first put together, we soon realised there was a lot of potential for incorporating a number of classical elements to the music which I was very much up for. Technology being what it is today, I’m now able to put together small classical vignettes without resorting to hiring an eighty piece orchestra for a day. Knowing this, I re-arranged the original track and added some new elements and re-presented it to the rest of the band and this time they gave it the thumbs up. A special mention goes to Jim for his Brian May guitar orchestra solo.


This is the other half of the creation speech that was embedded in Rainland. We talk in our everyday lives about viral marketing and memes and such, but what if you had an idea that you literally could not stop thinking about? This idea is central to the Big Red Spark - how do you get everyone in every universe to build this thing? You make the idea so viral that people cannot resist it, and become obsessed by it.


I dropped out of the chair and spent three days in cold turkey until the sight of my hands was no longer distant and spider-like.

The diagrams were left in a corner, but in my amplified dreams, they crawled off the paper and filled the room. I had reversed my dreams, you see, and thus the dreams of others were now being filled by this engine of metal that moved like water, this filler and emptier, this Big – Red – Spark.

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