Let's Get Invisible

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Again, another track that was recorded and mixed by Jem. This song was due to be included in The Big Red Spark suite but was bumped out in favour of Weak Machine which we thought fitted better and had a little more edge to it. I didn’t want it to be forgotten as I think it’s is a really sweet little song with some excellent lyrics from Rob. Think of it as a chapter that never made it to the book.

The track was originally written in response to an absolutely terrible open mic night Rob and I attended in central London back in the late 1990s. The audience were loud and utterly uninterested in the acts and so when we took to the stage we started the song and gradually got quieter and quieter until the audience drowned us out completely. I still remember it now; Rob and I standing on stage looking like we were miming to no music. It’s a technique that I still employ today if an audience is talking too loud as a gentle way of saying ‘fuck you very much for your participation’.

Anything else would get my head kicked in I suspect…


Another old song that I love dearly. I would kidnap people and tie them to chairs and make them listen to this song. Ok, I didn’t. But I wanted to.

It was originally planned as the end track of the Suite, as the whole of sentient existence faded off into a higher set of dimensions.


When you’re a sight to see
When you’re in debt to me
When all the times before don't care
Find the way back to never
Try not to be so - let’s get invisible

When it’s a brand new day
When you feel far away
When all the diff’rences go blind
Something that’s past is talking
Telling you let’s go - let’s get invisible

Set the date and set the table
Call the guests and choose the food
No no —

Set the date and set the table
Call the guests and who’s the food
No no —

When the world shouts so loud
When it’s a lonely crowd
When in the end it’s all the same
Don’t let it be your future
Where they don't care, so - let’s get invisible

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