The Final Act

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The last track to be recorded and completed for the album (literally days before the mixing sessions) and I have to say it was a close call which was entirely my fault; I’d tried as hard as I could to map out the storyline and the music so that it would lead the listener through from beginning to end but I took my eye off the ball a little bit and it became apparent late on that the instrumental I had written was just not good enough when you compared it with the previous material. I asked the band to give me 72 hours to come up with something different. If I couldn’t, it would mean that we’d have to delay the mixing sessions and therefore the album release would slip back later into the year.

What I came up with was a semi-instrumental reprise of Rainland that served as a backdrop to the fiendish multi-dimensional doomsday machine doing its fiendish multi dimensional dirty work. I thrashed about feverishly for the three allotted days and then played what I had created to the guys which thankfully they gave the thumbs up to. It’s the only track to see me playing lead guitar (which I have no real interest in doing as my guitar heroes are all rhythm players and let’s face it, Jim is loads more talented in that department than I). That said once you get to the slide solo, everything is back in the safe hands of Jimbo.

I am very proud of this track as it just goes to show that working to deadlines often pulls the best out of you.


It’s not often you get to hear the sound of absolutely everything being destroyed, on a record. This is what it sounds like.



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