I'm Not Crashing

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Possibly the oldest song on the album as the tune dates back to a tune I wrote when I was flat sharing with a musician mate of mine in Hammersmith back in the early noughties. It was knocked together on the most basic of equipment (a crappy laptop, and my £99 white Strat copy which I still use on stage with Tinyfish) yet it had a great vibe to it. A lot of the demo I put together back then survived through to the album proper (the e-bow feedback guitars especially). Jim’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ melody guitars vibing along deserve a special mention. The bastard can really make his guitar sing if the mood grabs him.


I love this song. It ended up as part of the suite, as the Professor muses on the nature of his obsession, even though he knows that he cannot escape it.


All the colours, all the angles
Everything that makes a miracle, a miracle
(Slips away, slips away)
All the makeup, all the music
Little documents for happiness and hatred
(Every day, every day)
All the colours, all emotions
All the contacts —
They will come undone —
If I let it go —

I’m not crashing – this is my party
I’m not crashing, I’m just here.
I’m not crashing – this is my party
I’m not crashing, I’m just here.

Young and lonely, soft and angry
Under every single moment there’s a message
(In your way, in your way)
In reaction, in reduction
There’s a dignity to showing you my weakness
(Small and true, small and true)
All the stillness, all the textures
All the contexts —
They will go unshown —
If I let it go —

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