Building The Machine

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One of the most challenging spoken word pieces as it is an almost entirely classical sequence (bar a few guitars). I was after an Elmer Bernstein circa ‘The Magnificent Seven’ feel but I think it came out sounding more Sergei Prokofiev’s ‘Peter And The Wolf’. I suspect this is how a lot of people create stuff i.e. trying to emulate someone else and getting it wrong in a way that sounds interesting.

Our mix engineer Dominique Brethes worked wonders on this song as it has so many different elements that required blending into a single performance. It just goes to show that it makes all the difference if you choose the right guys and girls to work with. We were very fortunate to have him on our production team.


I sound absolutely batshit mad in this song. I said that to Simon and he said “That's how you sound all the time.” Thaaaaanks. Still, BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! And furthermore - THE MACHIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!


A true pattern is like a fool. It leads you down unexpected paths, turning and turning until all you can do is trust and continue.

From different eras (the year was 1842)
From different parts (in the shape of a human head)
In different ways —

All the scattered things manifest themselves
As greater and greater intelligence
Removes the choices one by one.

Like a virus, reproducing in a human mind like a wasp in rotten fruit.

Images so horrid, they cannot override the process of creation.

This thing is real – it is real! This thing made of thought is as real as you or I!

The reverse side of a jigsaw puzzle, the film that runs backwards, splitting the atom with a chisel; these are all crude references to the things I feel whilst I’m building the machine.

And I ask – what will be the sign of its completion?

Now I am the fool; following myself down carefully mapped paths, turning and turning, a martyr to trust and continuity.

It’s the same wish –
In the same mind –
For the same goal –

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