The June Jar

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Used to be a regular song in the Men Are Dead set and frequently opened our show. It's a song about hating the dark winter months and in my mind, it has a similar (albeit simpler) feel to Motorville. I must give myself a stiff talking to for ripping off one of my own songs.


I made a strange and slightly humorous video for this out of bits of string I had to hand. You can see it on the video pages. This was one of the songs that I fantasised about people coming up to us and telling us how fantastic it was. Alas it was not to be. At least they mostly shut up whilst we played it. Although that is possibly because it was very loud. Simon would strum the guitar as if he were firing a machine gun into the audience. Sometimes we fantasised about that too.


I'd kill everybody here
with thoughts and silent stares
to make my way
through this day
part of you is part of me
for six months of my life
buried alive
in wintertime

welcome to the world
inside the June, June, June Jar
half of me is outside looking in
stay with me a while
inside this June, June, June Jar
run with me the race that you can't win

happiness is nothing
but a simple state of mind
so let the blind
lead the blind
where's the sense
of confidence
in something you can't see
so wave goodbye
to that life


I'd like to think that there is balance in our lives
I'd like to think that you do too
but when the light is gone
and everything is wrong
remembering this song
I dedicate - to you


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