Ack Ack

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A few years back, I got obsessed with recording the world around me on my little mini disk machine. The hope behind the idea was that a chance encounter or casual remark might spark an idea for a lyric or song. This snippet of conversation between myself, Jim, Jem and an unknown American girl we had met, occurred over a curry in a restaurant in South London one balmy summer evening. As is usual when we get together, the subject of the conversation took a sharp left turn into silliness very quickly. It still makes me smile and acts as a perfect sonic entrée to the song that follows it.


The thing I most remember about actually recording these songs (since I had only a few harmonica bits to do) was Jem's constant and uproarious laughter (except when recording my harmonica parts). You can hear a short sample here.


"I'm off down the ackackack, wanna come?"

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